Gifts and talents were given by the Creator for the purposes of service to others. Specific design was set in place through diverse species, race and characteristics and set on an earthly canvas to be developed, nurtured, molded. Human existence is dependant upon our abilities to positively encourage one another while facing the glacial slopes, winding curves and hellacious hills and valleys unavoidably present in this life.

The fullness of potential lies in the ability to recognize gifts and talents in ourselves and others while developing uncharacteristic eternal qualities founded in unconditional love. It is “such a time as this” when we discover our connection to eternity. 

My design was always meant to be specific, undeniably royal, oftentimes dry but surprisingly whimsical. Having dealt with serious traumatic issues from the age of seven such as (to name a few) death, sexual abuse, suicide, rejection, abandonment, racial prejudice and some not so serious issues like Catholic school, public transportation, summer camp in the hood, hair loss, and other life-changing events has afforded me a deeply spiritually based insight into my life and existence that I believe is for the purposes of encouraging and strengthening others through healthy uplifting contemplation, discussion, debate and laughter. It is my hope that you will find exactly that, right here.

Fannie “TheFirestarter” Dampier Ocasio originally hails from Chitown, raised by a Puerto Rican grandmother who sadly suffered from a severe case of SMS (small man syndrome) and “spare the rod, spoil the child” which resulted in an unusual condition known as REM (respect-ethics-morals), graduating from the School of Hard Knocks in Humboldt Park afforded the development of street smarts and diverse people skills, she overcame deep-rooted obstacles after barely being allowed to walk across the ShallRemainNameless Catholic High school stage for her diploma (my 8 1/2 month prego belly may have played a factor), she controversially studied automotive mechanics (yes, with boys! Oh my), paralegal, psychology, obtained a BS (hmmm) in Communications, is writer, poet, spoken word artist, Christian rapper, MC, speaker, counselor, wife, mother, grandmother and police dispatcher (NO! not like Halle Berry).

You can find me at:

thefirestarter4jc@yahoo.com or gmail.com


COMING SOON. .. YouTube!

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