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The Mind is a Gift from God… Use it!

Pride, ignorance, truth, indoctrination, faith, taxes, government, symbols, etc., etc., etc… these things have no color!

WAKE UP PEOPLE! Stop allowing a “color-blind” system to dictate your sight. Stop putting so much fuel into half-baked schemes thought up by think tanks that want to keep everyone segregated for their own personal gain.

I guarantee that these entities are just sitting back thinking of more ways to fuel their subtly implanted “ideas” through media, music, “news” reports and internet, making us think we are figuring out our own ways of killing one another (hopes, dreams, lives), while they collect our money and rape our races, cultures, values and individuality.

When are we gonna learn and admit that the responsibility and action belong to the individual and start living our God-given design and purpose in this dying, miserable, depressing state of existence that we have allowed to take over our mindset and control our world? When are all the pathetic, self-centered, woe-is-me excuses going to end? When will we start taking back the Eden that is rightfully ours and stop letting the serpent control our apple picking and eating? When?

I have grown tired of the sheeple-breeding and the finger pointing, beloved. When will you?

Freedoms not freedom if its not free.


Tomorrow (flowetry Luke 12:9)

Hold you no value for life lost?

Unthinkable act, do you count cost?


Hollywoods not real,

robbing lives in a blink,

Shot with cold steel.

There’s a whole world outside

Time to wake up.

Before nails in ‘ur coffin

Get caked up.

Shrug, “Don’t judge me”,

As time ticks ‘ur soul clock

But who’s laughing?

Kermit, a green hand sock.

It’s distraction,

Plan from enemy lines,

No excuse,

The whole earth is a remind,

The Creator left hints

In the sunset.

Knees will bow,

even those that won’t repent.

Just a warning,

The Kings on His way back,

Leading heavenly armies

On the, attack.

Judgements coming,

life’s record in real time,


Like the glare from the Son’ shine.