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Tomorrow (flowetry Luke 12:9)

Hold you no value for life lost?

Unthinkable act, do you count cost?


Hollywoods not real,

robbing lives in a blink,

Shot with cold steel.

There’s a whole world outside

Time to wake up.

Before nails in ‘ur coffin

Get caked up.

Shrug, “Don’t judge me”,

As time ticks ‘ur soul clock

But who’s laughing?

Kermit, a green hand sock.

It’s distraction,

Plan from enemy lines,

No excuse,

The whole earth is a remind,

The Creator left hints

In the sunset.

Knees will bow,

even those that won’t repent.

Just a warning,

The Kings on His way back,

Leading heavenly armies

On the, attack.

Judgements coming,

life’s record in real time,


Like the glare from the Son’ shine.